siegfriedFolliesBookThe very kind and talented Richard Alther has a new book out, “Sigfried Follies”.

I had the pleasure of meeting Richard and his partner Ray Repp in Seattle a couple of months ago. Ray and Richard are from a lovely little town in Vermont, with a charming view of Lake Champlain!

I urge our readers to check out his new book for some good winter reading. Curl up by the fireplace and enjoy.

First Reviews for Siegfried Follies

“How could Germans create a Holocaust?   What in the Jewish spirit has provoked persecution through the centuries? Unflinchingly, in exploring the psyches of two men and the culture in which each is embedded, this rich, compelling novel probes the world as a whole.

“Richard Alther delves into German and Jewish history, the Talmud, the Old Testament, Wagnerian opera, and writings ranging from Mein Kampf to stories of the Baal Shem Tov, resulting in a riveting story of two orphans, polar opposites, who forge an intimate bond.”
–Maria Espinosa, American Book Award Winner for the novel, LONGING

“Moves from horror to felicity with a wise and witty hand. An historical sweep grounded in twentieth century Germany, Israel, and the United States, Siegfried Follies is by turns keenly observed, screamingly funny, and quietly reflective.”
–William John Kennedy, Comparative Literature, Cornell University

“A powerful saga of two boys’ traumatic childhoods living under horrific circumstances, and the emotional and psychological damage they carry into adulthood. It’s a sweeping story of love, jealousy, betrayal, and redemption.”

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