I wrote the other day about the grotesque words of one Tom Prichard, of the Minnesota “Family” Council [sic], who essentially blames the victims in gay teen bullying and suicide, and who continues to perpetuate the lie that Matthew Shepard’s death had nothing to do with his sexual orientation. As I mentioned then, this is supremely stupid, considering the fact that his mother has changed the course of her entire life to advocate for understanding of gay people, in order to try to prevent tragedies like her son’s death from happening in other families.

Prichard is now doubling down on his inanity, suggesting that we need to all find a “common ground” on bullying which somehow protects all children, but allows Prichard and his friends to keep their bigotry intact. Seriously:

MFC is strongly opposed to bullying of all kinds — including that of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. Current state law requires that each school district have an antibullying policy. MFC strongly supports these policies and believes they should be vigorously enforced.


Some are calling for the Anoka-Hennepin school district to adopt controversial “antihomophobia” curricula that have ignited division among parents, students and teachers in school districts across the state. MFC does not support “antihomophobia” curricula, because they cross the line from addressing bullying words and behavior to targeting the attitudes, values and beliefs of students and undermining the authority of parents regarding homosexuality, homosexual “marriage” and same-sex relationships.

You see, he wants to address the symptoms, but not the disease of hatred itself, because without their hatred, the fundamentalist worldview basically falls apart.

MFC recommends examining alternatives that focus on the behavior of the bullies and are inclusive of all children at risk of being bullied. Let’s stop focusing on what divides us and start confronting the bullies.

Oh, I think I see one of the bullies that needs confronting right now:

Tom Prichard is president of the Minnesota Family Council.