The key moment comes a little after 3:00 when Kathy Griffin says “Look, let’s cut the crap!”  She’s easily the most powerful voice in this segment.  People can agree or disagree over how effective celebrities are when they speak out, but when they’re as informed and on point as Kathy Griffin is in this segment, I’m cheering.

[h/t HuffPost]

When Lance Bass talks about how he used to make fun of gay kids in order to hide his secret, I understand what he’s talking about.  That’s something that hasn’t been discussed much in the past week — the likelihood that at least some of those doing the bullying are doing so because the gay kid who is either out of the closet or perceived as gay by others threatens their own secrets.

When I was younger, I didn’t do precisely the same thing, having been bullied myself, but I sure did adopt the Evangelical Christian judgment of gays hook, line and sinker.  It was never because it made any logical sense — because anti-gay beliefs are not, at heart, about logic, nor are they arrived at by deep thought — but because I psychologically felt that if I was standing in judgment of gay people, then surely my secret attractions to guys couldn’t be real in any way.

So that’s another interesting angle.  Often the bullies are victims of the same bigoted climate the bullied kids are.  They’re just reacting to it in a different way.