The thesis here, promulgated by Australian pastor Fred Nile, seems to be that pregnant women will be more likely to just have lots of abortions, rather than consider the idea of their offspring being raised by gay parents. This happened in a meeting called in opposition to a bill which would legalize same-sex adoption in Australia:

Addressing the packed public meeting, Christian Democratic Party leader Reverend Fred Nile said the bill could deter women thinking of adopting out their child and “lead to the tragedy of abortion”.

“Any mother putting up her baby for adoption would never imagine that their baby would be brought up by two male homosexuals or two female lesbians,” he said.

“Is this really an ideological issue or homosexuals demanding yet another human right?


Ahem.  What a revealing statement from the “man of God” in Australia that was!

Thankfully, there are sane people in this debate as well:

However, the Benevolent Society charity and UnitingCare Burnside, one of the largest child and welfare agencies in NSW, have come out in support of the bill, saying it will benefit children and boost foster carer numbers.

“We believe that an individual or couple’s sexuality has no relevance when it comes to considering their ability to provide high quality care and a nurturing environment for a child,” Benevolent Society acting CEO Maree Walk said today.

The charity has had contact with many same-sex couples who have adopted children outside of NSW and have found they are highly sensitive to the needs of their child, Ms Walk said.

“Potential adoptive parents should be assessed on the basis of their suitability to parent, not their sexual orientation.”

David Badash points out that in the United States, the states with the lowest levels of child homelessness are the marriage equality states.

I can’t imagine why.  Of course, the states that have marriage equality tend to be run a little bit better than the slave states, so we shouldn’t give all the credit to gay couples.  Just some of it.