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New Arkansas Law Highlights The Futility of the Anti-Abortion Movement

The sooner the anti-abortion movement aborts tomfoolery, the sooner it can get down to the business of lowering abortion rates

March 09, 2013 Opinion, Press Release

An Obituary for Right-Wing Evangelicalism?

Has the extremism of hardcore Evangelicals hastened their demise and doomed them to irrelevancy?

December 24, 2012 Opinion

What Rep. Akin Said, the Pro-Life Movement Has Proclaimed since 1980

When Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo., righteously declared that women don’t get pregnant from real rapes, I was less shocked by Akin’s stupidity than by progressives

August 22, 2012 Blog

The Statement Todd Akin Should Be Issuing

As is so often the case, The Onion captures it: As a politician, I often find myself in situations where, unfortunately, I express a certain

August 21, 2012 Blog

Hate Group AFA’s Male Leader Positions Himself as Expert on Rape

You are so surprised that Bryan Fischer is defending Rep. Todd Akin and his now infamous remarks about “legitimate rape,” aren’t you? Pick that jaw

August 20, 2012 Blog

Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri Discusses ‘Legitimate Rape’

Folks, this is exactly the kind of fundie barbarism we have been warning about for years at Truth Wins Out. Our opponents really do want

August 20, 2012 Blog

Mississippi Governor Claims Liberals’ “One Mission In Life Is To Abort Children”

Such are the yokels who get elected to public office in places like Mississippi: Days after he signed a law that would effectively shut down

April 26, 2012 Blog

Mississippi Just Won’t Stop Trying To Subversively Ban Abortion

Several months back, anti-choice groups around the country were descending upon Mississippi to attempt to push their loony “personhood amendment,” which would have stated that

April 18, 2012 Blog

Texas Legalized Forced Vaginal Probe Rape Long Before It Was Cool

With all the talk lately of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s signing a pre-abortion forced ultrasound bill into law–thus reportedly damaging his chances at being picked

March 13, 2012 Blog

Georgia Representative Likens Women in Childbirth to Cows, Pigs

The headline sounds bad enough, but let’s dive in deeper to see just how disgusting this comment really is. It comes from Georgia state representative

March 13, 2012 Blog
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