Televangelist Pat Robertson has spent the past four decades undermining mainline and progressive churches with a never-ending, multibillion-dollar broadcast campaign of defamation and fear.

He has killed workers in his companies’ mines in Africa. He has funded death-squad attacks upon liberal churches in  Central America. And he has forced American women to have abortions each time he joins Phyllis Schlafly and other hypocrites in cutting off public funding for abortion alternatives.

So, when he accuses married gay couples of seeking to destroy “the church”…

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he is projecting his own hatred of churches, individual freedom, and human rights onto an obvious threat to his cartel.

Pat Robertson calls his multinational industrial conglomerate a church and a ministry — but for decades it has been everything but. Robertson is not the head of a legitimate church; it is a cartel that destroys churches, consumes the rubble, and pollutes the political and spiritual landscape of America with toxic sewage.

In short, Robertson’s nihilistic operation has as much in common with a church as Star Trek’s Borg have in common with a frat house.

Should Robertson’s spirit- and life-destroying cartel be destroyed? For the good of all legitimate houses of worship — as well as atheists and agnostics — the answer is most certainly “yes.”

Hat tip: Mike Tidmus