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Pat Robertson Says You Should Love Gay Family Members By Not Accepting Them

He says gays are great artists, though

May 15, 2014 News

Pat Robertson: Jesus Wouldn’t Have Baked A Gay Wedding Cake Because Couple Would Have Been Stoned To Death

Also, gays and abortionists are being used by the Devil to deny humanity the ability to reproduce

March 27, 2014 News

Putin Tops The Advocate’s List Of The Most Homophobic People In The World

Check out The Advocate's 13 most homophobic people in the world in

December 13, 2013 News

Pat Robertson Tells Anti-Gay Woman That Lesbian Friend Could Make Her Children Gay

You don't want your children to grow up as lesbians, says Pat

December 12, 2013 News

Pat Robertson Teaches Gay People How To Pray For Themselves

He reaffirms that transgender people should have gender reassignment surgery, though

December 04, 2013 News

Pat Robertson Counsels Mother Of Gay Teenager To Ask If A Coach Molested Him

If he was, that has nothing to do with whether or not he's gay

November 12, 2013 News

Pat Robertson Compares Transgender People To His Castrated Horse

Also, sometimes stuff in your house is possessed by demons, which is unfortunate

October 09, 2013 News

Pat Robertson Loses Battle To Scrub Internet Of Comments About Gays Infecting People With AIDS Rings

The truth of the matter is that the Religious Right really don't want the general population to hear their messages

September 13, 2013 News

Pat Robertson Makes Anderson Cooper’s ‘Ridiculist’

A fun round-up of all the crazy stuff Uncle Pat has said over the years

August 30, 2013 News

Pat Robertson Claims San Francisco Gays Give People AIDS By Cutting Them With Special Rings

Also, the homosexuals have passed laws prohibiting discussion of AIDS, says Pat

August 27, 2013 Opinion
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