According to Exodus (My comments in parenthesis and red):

How do we talk about homosexuality? Pastors, church leaders and ministry workers everywhere are asking this question.  In this strategic DVD, “Discussing Homosexuality in 18 Minutes”, distributed by Exodus International, Jeff Buchanan will address topics such as:

“Can sexual orientation be changed?”

(Yes, if one considers “change” lusting after the same-sex for one’s entire life and follows Exodus President Alan Chambers’ advice to “choose to deny what comes naturally to me.”)

“Can you be a Christian and still be gay?”

(The real question is, can you still be a Christian and a member of Exodus International? This cult preaches a warped version of the religion and engages in idolatry. It promotes lying for the Lord, which is clearly against Scripture)

“How can I reach out?” (Um, don’t. Isn’t that what got George “Rent Boy” Rekers and JONAH’s Alan Downing in trouble? Please, boys, keep your hands by your side where we can all see them.)

Discussing Homosexuality In 18 Minutes is designed for group interaction.  Questions are provided for group participation once the video is completed.  Participants will have the opportunity to share personal perspectives and gain answers to the difficult issues surrounding homosexuality.

Discussing Homosexuality In 18 Minutes is a great resource for church classes, campus ministries, and youth groups who desire to gain a greater understanding about homosexuality and want to be equipped to begin conversations with friends and loved ones.

(Exactly who is “recruiting youth”?)

Discussion questions are provided for small group leaders in a preformatted insert.  Some question examples are:

“How is the Church as a whole succeeding or failing in it’s response to homosexuality?”

(Thanks to Exodus and anti-gay churches, LGBT youth are humiliated, rejected, left homeless and forced to drop out of school. The results are staggering, with drug abuse, depression and attempts at suicide. I think this gets a failing grade of F-)

“Is it consistent with how the Church responds to other sexual sin?”

(Yes. We all know that fundamentalists treat divorce, gossip, gluttony, greed and shitting on a neighbor exactly like they treat homosexuality. In fact, I’m waiting for referendums to ban the rights of these people. I’m sure it will happen any day.)

“How can we think and speak clearly about the issue without compromising truth or breaking relationships?”

(You can’t. If you insult the way people are, who they love, and browbeat them about their sexuality, you will ruin that relationship. If you really love LGBT people, you will not sell them the lie that they have to live a life of sexual frustration and loneliness to be right with God.)

The big question I have is — what is the big rush? Are pastors that busy that one must shovel the shit down their throats in less than 18 minutes? What, they can’t even give Exodus 20 minutes? If these pastors cared about their flocks, they would not give these charlatans the time of day.