I got an e-mail last night from Show Me No Hate – St. Louis, inviting people to come out this Saturday and help to counter the messages of hate spread by the Westboro Baptist Church at various locations around the city.  You see, when Westboro goes on tour, they have a schedule!

They will be at the Staenberg Family Jewish Community Center (2 Millstone Campus Drive St. Louis, MO 63146) from 2-2:30pm, then at Busch Stadum protesting the Cardinals vs. Dodgers game from 6:15pm-7pm, and finally at Scottrade Center protesting the Lady Gaga concert from 7:10pm-8pm.

Jews and baseball and Gaga, OH MY!

Why are they protesting baseball?  Is it because God hates America, baseball is America’s pastime, ergo God hates baseball?

Those Westboro kids just get funnier and funnier.

Anyway, if you’re in St. Louis (or if you are going to St. Louis for the Lady Gaga concert, homosexuals that I know, ahem!), consider taking a minute, making up some fun signs and going to spread a message of love with the Show Me No Hate folks.  Here’s the event page Show Me No Hate has set up for the occasion, with all the pertinent info.