Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) is a despicable group of sick individuals who pretend to be loving parents – but the organization really exists to give family members and friends the tools they need to reject their LGBT “loved” ones. Wow, how nice and Christian.

PFOX is best known for threatening frivolous lawsuits against schools that reject its junk science, staging hate crimes so alleged “ex-gays” can claim to be victims, and grandstanding to gain free publicity for their silly, lost “cause”.

The latest Springer-esque circus act from this sorry group came when an alleged supporter requested from the District of Columbia a “Certificate of Appreciation” for PFOX Executive Director Regina Griggs.

Clearly, these are perfunctory pieces of paper signed by the mayor. Yet, when Griggs got her “award”, she plastered it on PFOX’s website and made it look like she was actually endorsed and applauded by Mayor Adrian Fenty.

Yep, it really is that sad.

To be clear, Grigg’s behavior is no different than a kid who is the worst athlete on the block buying himself an MVP trophy and then boasting about his “award” to the kids in the neighborhood. It truly takes a pathetic, morally bereft organization to pull such a disheartening, churlish publicity stunt.

Apparently, Mayor Fenty agrees (if not so explicitly). He had Stephanie D. Scott, Secretary of the District of Columbia, write a letter to PFOX telling Griggs to take down the mayor’s “Certificate of Appreciation” from the group’s website. The June 24th letter reads:

Ms. Griggs:

I am writing to request that you remove Mayor Adrian M. Fenty’s Certificate of Appreciation from your website. The document was issued in error, as our office failed to adequately review your request.

I thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Stephanie D. Scott, Ph.D.

That is a very kind way of saying, “we had no idea that a manipulative hate group would exploit the system and grandstand in such a shameless way.”

As of today, PFOX is still displaying the award, as if the discredited group had actually been honored  and not, instead, been upbraided by the mayor.


Finally, I am going to say something politically incorrect. If you are Grigg’s gay son, (is it Jason Griggs?) it is time to crawl out of the closet. You mother is not the head of a run-of-the-mill anti-gay group. She is the bigot who is posing as the alternative to PFLAG, the pro-gay group that helps parents.

In other words, parents who are desperately seeking help and guidance from legitimate sources are finding your mother instead, who is selling them lies about LGBT people. It is time that you stepped up and stopped her dangerous charade. How many parents have rejected their gay children because they found Regina, instead of genuine support?

Mr. Griggs, you’ve been silent long enough. You are no longer a kid (unlike those harmed by your mom). It is time to grow up and speak out.