I feel like I’m still detoxing from the in-depth special report I posted yesterday, my account of my experience inside the belly of the beast at Lou Engle’s Gateway House of Prayer.  Apparently, though, there is no limit to the number of delusions Lou Engle has in a given week, because now he’s weighing in on the recent Supreme Court decision of Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, where the court simply held that a Christian group at Hastings College of the Law has to abide by the same nondiscrimination policies as anyone else, as long as they want to accept school funding.  But no, for Lou Engle everything has World of Warcraft-style implications:

A 5-4 Supreme Court decision Monday requiring Christian campus groups on public universities to accept gay students as members and leaders may signal the beginning of religious persecution in the U.S., says prayer leader Lou Engle.

“This is the first time in U.S. history where the Supreme Court has actually ruled that gender rights now trump religious rights, which means this is the beginning of the possible coming harassment and persecution of the church because it’s going to be clear that the true church will take a stand only on the Word of God,” Engle, founder of TheCall prayer movement, said today. “So these campuses will find out who the real Christians are, who is willing to take a stand and risk their status with the school as a club.”

He will take any opportunity, no matter how tenuous, to keep his followers in a constant state of fear, won’t he?  He has to keep up a constant stream of faux-victimization, because if he doesn’t, his followers might accidentally forget that they’re persecuted and go on to live productive lives.  Quelle horreur!

SCOTUS simply said that no, Christian groups are not entitled to a special right to discriminate.  But as I explained in my report yesterday, Lou Engle and his worshippers don’t hold the United States or the US Constitution in high regard, believing as they do that American government should conform to their idea of “God’s government.”

(h/t Steve M.)