This should burn the fundamentalists:

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the names of people who signed petitions in an attempt to overturn a new gay rights law in Washington must be made public, a victory for state officials who said the case was a test of open government laws.

Justices ruled 8-1 in a case called Doe V. Reed. Only Justice Clarence Thomas dissented.

Interjecting: Because Clarence Thomas is pretty much a dingus. When even Scalia understands, and Thomas still doesn’t…

“This is a good day for transparency and accountability in elections–not just in Washington but across our country,” Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna said. “We’re pleased the Supreme Court ruled in favor of disclosure, upholding the public’s right to double-check the work of signature gatherers and government — and giving them the ability to learn which voters are directing the state to hold an election on a new law. Citizen legislating is too important to be conducted in secret.”

Fantastic news.

(h/t Aravosis)

UPDATE: Commenter on my Facebook page:

“I wonder if they’ll call Roberts, Alito and Scalia ‘activist judges’.”


UPDATE II: If you’d like to read the ruling, it’s here. Thomas’s dissent (AKA “the funny part”), starts on page 49. I had no idea he knew so many words!