Wow. Joe Jervis:

Yesterday it was learned that the wedding of Rush Limbaugh was officiated by rabid homophobe Pastor Ken Hutcherson. Among Hutcherson’s many anti-gay activities: Leading a walkout of public schools in opposition to the Day Of Silence, attempting a Microsoft shareholder revolt to overturn the company’s protections of gay employees, fighting the Matthew Shepard Act, supporting the “ex-gay movement, and campaigning against Washington state’s Referendum 71.

Hutcherson is one of the most clearly insane figures on the right, and he’s tied in snugly with Scott Lively, through the SPLC-certified hate group Watchmen on the Walls. When it was reported that Elton John sang and played at the wedding for a million dollar paycheck, I remarked that Elton John has obviously decided that principles are highly overrated, but I wasn’t all that surprised by the news that Rush had hired him. My read on Rush Limbaugh (and figures like him) tends to be that they really only believe about 30% of what they say, but that they’ve found an extremely profitable business model in fanning the flames of rage among the dumbest, most fearful people in American society. I still do largely believe that. But to associate with someone like Ken Hutcherson, who’s essentially persona non grata in all but the most fringe quarters of the Christian church, sinks Rush Limbaugh to a new low.