greg-quinlan-tnParents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) are up to their tired tricks once again. A bunch of seemingly unstable oddballs (Regina Griggs, Richard Cohen, Greg Quinlan, con artist Arthur Abba Goldberg) strategize on ways they can be rejected from sundry venues based on their spectacular idiocy and remarkable irrelevance. Then, they make a big fuss and whine to the media that “ex-gays” are victims, hoping they will get their names in the newspaper and feel important.

Their other tactic is to host disinformation booths at state and county fairs and fake hate crimes by provoking innocent gay bystanders, so they can claim that “ex-gays” are a persecuted minority.

PFOX is far and away the sickest and most profoundly disturbed group of people I have dealt with in more than twenty years of activism. They are the lowest of the low — grotesque bottom feeders of the anti-gay industry. There is not a sane, rational voice within this entire organization and hasn’t been since the group’s founding by the Family Research Council in 1998.

This buffoonish organization has virtually no accomplishments or even a discernible mission. Unlike Exodus, which tries to help people unsuccessfully “pray away the gay” (“Freedom from Homosexuality Through Jesus Christ”, for those historical revisionists who deny they pray away the gay), PFOX does….absolutely nothing.

The organization exists as a platform for a couple of showboats who are fighting for the right to show off. It’s one big ego trip to elevate otherwise unimportant people. After all, if Cohen and Quinlan were not “ex-gays” they would be nobodies.

Indeed, they have had no bearing on the debate over the efficacy of “ex-gay” therapy. And, Grigg’s son is still a practicing ho-mo-SEX-ual. After a decade of futile “activism” have you changed him Regina? Does he have a special gal pal yet? If not, why do you continue to run PFOX, given your own personal failure to convert your own son?

Griggs will never answer these questions, and prefers to continue warring with her own family. I just thank God for the parents I have and that I was not born into such a dysfunctional dystopia that clearly exists in the Grigg’s household.

PFOX’s latest tantrum is against the Parents Teachers Association (PTA). Griggs and company are in a predictable swivet because the PTA has wisely rejected the hate group’s demand to host an exhibit peddling anti-gay lies and junk science at their national convention. PFOX knew this would happen, but they are making a stink because they are stage horses who crave ink.

PFOX wrongly says there is a double standard because the PTA allows gay exhibits. Perhaps, this is because the LGBT groups are FOR something — which is equality. If they had positioned themselves as “ex-heterosexuals” with dishonest and mean-spirited pamphlets denouncing the “dangerous” heterosexual lifestyle, the LGBT groups would have been rejected too.

PFOX is not for “ex-gays” (which PFOX has not proven actually exist outside politics), but they are simply anti-gay and anyone with common sense knows this, including the PTA.

PFOX also has the distinction of promoting fake science that is not peer reviewed. They rely on charlatans such as the disgraced George “rent boy” Rekers. Convicted con artist Arthur Abba Goldberg is in charge of its speakers bureau. Their former president, Richard Cohen, was expelled for life from the American Counseling Association for malpractice. Why would the PTA elect to put vulnerable children in the hands of these potentially dangerous and discredited figures?

Furthermore, if so-called “ex-gays” are now heterosexual, they are welcome at the PTA in any capacity. What PFOX is essentially saying is that “ex-gays” are not heterosexuals, but some new sexual orientation.

PFOX has never articulated what an “ex-gay” actually is, since by their own definition they are separate from straight people. What this group offers is a nebulous and convoluted mission and description of who they are and what they stand for. This is why they are rightfully bounced from credible organizations.

Still, in the name of vanity and the rush of the great media spotlight, PFOX persists in its insanity:

“PFOX emailed the PTA for eight months while seeking a response to our request for an exhibit booth at the annual PTA convention,” said Regina Griggs, executive director of PFOX. “We also left voice mail messages for Saylors.”

“But Saylors chose not to speak with PFOX. Instead, he sent an email accusing us of not meeting the PTA’ “Diversity and Inclusion Policy.'” (See Saylor’ email at

“Why is it gay groups meet the PTA Diversity and Inclusion Policy but our families do not? “Diversity’ and “inclusion’ should mean exactly that ‚Äî diversity and inclusion of everyone,” said Griggs. (See PFOX email to PTA at

“Instead, gay groups like PFLAG that deny public access to ex-gays and disrupt church events welcoming former homosexuals are approved by the PTA while ex-gay groups are not,” said Griggs.

“Now the PTA is pressuring its state PTA chapters nationwide to adopt its biased national diversity policy, which includes ‘exual orientation,’ even though that term is selectively used to discriminate against people of faith and ex-gay families.”

“The PTA has become a left-wing advocacy group instead of serving the needs of all children,” said Griggs.

Where to begin?

LGBT groups are inclusive of gay people, heterosexuals, asexuals, bisexuals and transgender people. That about covers the spectrum. PFOX, rejects virtually all these categories. So, one group is diverse and accepting, while the other is defined by who it rejects and what they once claim to have been.

The notion that PFLAG is storming churches and disrupting services is just absurd and comes from PFOX’s legendary paranoia. It certainly is not rooted in reality and is an example of demagoguery of the most obscene kind. Such blatant lies are why the PTA and other groups should continue rejecting PFOX.

Folks, please take a moment and contact Chuck Saylors at or and thank him for rejecting PFOX. This despicable hate group has no place at the June 10 PTA conference in Memphis.

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