A new Gallup poll released Monday showed that while the number of Americans opposed to gay marriage continues to outnumber those in support of it, the number opposed has dropped to tie Gallup’s all-time low for the number.

According to the poll, which surveyed 1,029 adults May 3 – 6, 53% of Americans oppose gay marriage compared to 44% who support it. The 53% number is tied with 2007’s 53% for the lowest opposition to gay marriage among Americans that Gallup has recorded.

The recent numbers also represent a change from the numbers in 2009, when 57% of Americans voiced opposition to gay marriage compared to 40% who supported it.

The fact is, unless something dramatic happens – such as a theo-fascist – takeover of the U.S.m we have won this culture war. The polls keep climbing upward and the religious right has no strategy to reverse this trend.