ScottLivelyScott Lively is the holocaust revisionist who was instrumental in fanning the flames of bigotry in Uganda that led to the notorious Anti-Homosexuality Bill. He is a monster whose pathological obsession with homosexuality has reached dangerous levels.

Today, he announced — despite the overwhelming evidence — that he was going to defend himself and fight accusations that he is a barbaric tyrant. Dr. Warren Throckmorton has a letter from Lively and his emerging strategy on his website:


I’m looking for a good Christian media source to interview me on film on the Uganda issue for posting online. I intend to get off defense and counter-attack the false witnesses with hard facts about Uganda and the dishonest way the media has addressed the story. Please forward this to any pro-family journalists you know and ask them to contact me at

Please feel free to write this theo-fascist and let him know that he will be held accountable if sexual minorities are jailed, harmed or executed in Uganda.