For the record, I hate American Idol, and I don’t watch it, but according to this article, Ellen DeGeneres chose a song for a girl contestant that was originally sung by Paul McCartney, and she (!!!!) didn’t even change the pronouns to protect Fundamentalists from thinking about genitals and other various shame-parts.

American Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres picked a love song written to be sung by a man to a woman for contestant Crystal Bowersox–a single mom with a boyfriend–to perform on the show’ semifinal program on Tuesday night.

The song, “Maybe I’m Amazed,” written by Paul McCartney and dedicated to his now-deceased wife Linda McCartney, includes the repeated lyric “baby, I’m a man” in the chorus.

OH NOES! This has never happened before! What will happen how?!?!

Predictably also wigging out: Peter, who wants to break up Ellen’s marriage. Good luck with that.

The video is at the above link, but I’m not embedding it. Instead, I thought I’d post one of my favorite gender-bendy, same-sex-y covers of all time, Tori Amos doing The Rolling Stones’ “Angie.” Feel free to link to your favorites in the comments.