Apparently Jim Inhofe (R-OK) doesn’t think our military (which already includes lots of gay people) is brave or patriotic enough to fight for fellow troops if those troops happen to be gay. I guess I have a higher opinion of the military than Inhofe does.

I see/hear this crap from Religious Right wingnuts and their minions in Congress all the time, but sometimes it’s simply stunning to me how much animus people can have for something that has literally no effect on their lives. Of course, racism and sexism are the same way, so it’s just another strand of the same fearful white heterosexual Christian male supremacist worldview.

In the interview, Inhofe is talking to Bryan Fischer, one of the craziest of the crazies. As Kyle at Right Wing Watch reminds us:

After all, if there was going to be one member of Congress comfortable with someone like Fischer – who has declared that all Muslims should be banned from the military and deported from the US, homosexuality should be illegal and that all gays should be treated like criminals, praised Ryan Sorba for his anti-gay rant at CPAC,called for the stoning of a killer whale at Sea World, and stated that gays are sexually deviant felons and pedophiles who are unqualified to sit on the Supreme Court – it would be Inhofe.