Since George Alan Rekers, NARTH, and Exodus International continue to sidestep the Rentboy sex scandal that has consumed Rekers this week, Truth Wins Out wants journalists and activists to know the questions that George Alan Rekers and his allies haven’t answered – and what Rekers must do to either absolve himself or make amends for the wrongs that he has committed against the worlds of science, sexuality, and conservative Christianity.

The Questions for Rekers

1. Did you visit Please provide independent journalists with unfettered access to your computers’ browser caches and e-mail records.

2. Did you receive massages, embraces, or other physical touches from your travel assistant?

3. Have you hired young male travel assistants in the past?

4. Are young men physically or sexually attractive to you?

5. Why did you hire a professionally inexperienced gay man, close in age to your adopted son — instead of a qualified assistant possessing experience with disabilities and travel, and instead of traveling with your wife?

6. Since you have repeatedly injected yourself into the private family life of thousands of gay couples in order to mischaracterize them and deny them legal equality, the next question is absolutely pertinent and justified: How often do you have sexual intercourse with your wife? Please make your wife available to the media so that they may confirm independently of your claims.

7. Do you have any biological children? If not, why not? If pertinent, please provide independent medical documentation.

8. Have you had physical contact of any kind with your adopted son? Please detail the specific contacts: Handshake, hug, upper body clothed, full body clothed, or other. At any time were you in the presence of your adopted son in a partially clothed or unclothed state? Please certify that you have listed all types of contact that occurred and omitted mention of none.

Rekers’ To-Do List

Since Baptists pride themselves on the notion of redemption, here are the steps required for penance:

1. Admit that you are attracted to young men

2. Admit that reparative therapy has not worked for you

3. Admit that, according to your own standards, you should not have been allowed to adopt

4. Admit that you should not have collected taxpayer money to lie about your orientation and about your failed therapies

5. Admit that you have corrupted the churches of North America and Europe with falsehoods about the nature and treatment of sexual attraction, aka orientation.

6. Admit what judges and other scientists have already said: That you have committed fraud with the legitimate research of other scientists

7. Admit that you have harmed thousands of people by promoting the same ineffective and counterproductive therapy which condemned you to an entire life of self-delusion and public denial.

8. Pay for the college education of Lucien at a school of his choice.

These lists are not comprehensive and are subject to expansion.