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Explosive Scandal Brewing at the Trinity Broadcasting Network?

If the contents of a lawsuit filed by the granddaughter of Trinity Broadcasting Network founders Paul and Jan Crouch prove to be true, then the

March 27, 2012 Blog

Did Omaha-Area Church Do Enough to Prevent Ex-Gay Sexual Abuse?

The web site of Victory Fellowship Church in Council Bluffs, Iowa, has much in common with conservative evangelical churches that host fraudulent “ex-gay” ministries: It

March 21, 2011 Blog

Rekers, Absolve Thyself

Since George Alan Rekers, NARTH, and Exodus International continue to sidestep the Rentboy sex scandal that has consumed Rekers this week, Truth Wins Out wants

May 07, 2010 Blog

Rekers’ Q&A Dances around Rentboy Scandal and Self-Delusion

Prof. George Alan Rekers has issued another public sidestep of the allegations that he hired a gay escort to provide nude sensual massage and assist

May 06, 2010 Blog

Rekers Says He Hires Gay Escorts in Order to Evangelize Them

NARTH and Family Research Council co-founder George Alan Rekers responded today to accusations that he vacationed with a gay escort. He communicated with Joe.My.God: I

May 04, 2010 Blog

George Rekers Background Info

George Alan Rekers has a distinguished history in the LGBT community. A colorful record as lively and prudent as felon Scott Lively himself. While it

May 04, 2010 Blog, Opinion

Parish Priest Calls on Pope to Resign

A Springfield, Mass.-area Roman Catholic priest has publicly called for Pope Benedict XVI (a.k.a. Joseph Ratzinger) to resign. According to today’s Boston Globe, Rev. James

April 12, 2010 Blog

Hitchens and Dawkins: Arrest The Pope In England

From the Huffington Post: Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, two of the world’s most prominent atheist intellectuals, are seeking means to try the pope for

April 12, 2010 Blog

Call on Canada, South Africa to Fully Prosecute Ex-Gay Therapists’ ‘Dr. Mengele’

South Africa GLAAD encourages TWO readers to write letters similar to the following, in your own words. To:,,,,,,,

March 29, 2010 Blog

Desert Scream: Exodus Leader’s Shocking Admissions of Ministry’s Sexual Abuse

Exodus Should Immediately Shut Down Scandalized ‘Ex-Gay’ Group Desert Stream, Says TWO Truth Wins Out today called on Exodus International to shut down Desert Stream

March 13, 2010 Blog, Press Release
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