I need to direct you to this piece written by Timothy Kincaid over at Box Turtle Bulletin. As a non-Christian, I grow weary sometimes of speaking about clueless fundamentalists, but Timothy has really encapsulated the true message that conservative Evangelicals (and conservative Catholics) have for the LGBT community, and why, despite their inability to see it, their message is ultimately one of inhuman degradation:

And the extra-special plan that God has for gay people? Is it a lifetime of celibacy?

Perhaps it is never, ever, experiencing romance, flirting, a first date, or a kiss on the beach under the moonlight. Maybe a life of devotion to others, knowing that your last breath will not be with a partner. Being a wonderful uncle or sister or neighbor, but knowing this: God’ Plan is for you to never be the most important person in anyone’ life.

And they wonder why we don’t leap at the opportunity.

I’ve never seen it encapsulated quite like that, so bravo Timothy. Oh wait, he’s not done:

“But it’ grace”, they say. “God is as quick to forgive you for your life of love, commitment and devotion to your partner as He is to forgive me of my extramarital affairs. He’ll forgive you for building a life together, for caring until death do you part, He’ll pardon you for experiencing same-sex attraction just as quickly as he forgives a murderer.”

Is it any surprise that some gay people conclude that God is a bully? Or that even more have responded to such nonsense by questioning the existence of gods at all and have come to conclude that it’ all just irrational myth and superstitions?

Read it all, as they say on the internet. Because it just keeps getting better. One more graf?

And for as long as you continue to be part of the movement to deny civil equalities, you will never, ever “reach gay people for Christ”. If your Christ compels you to take away my health insurance, then your Christ is my enemy. If His message of love is to take my children away from me, then I’ll do without that kind of love, thanks.

Oh boy.

Yeah, you’ll be clicking that clicky right now.