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A New York State of Whine

Andy posted these videos earlier, from New York state town clerks who are derelict in the duties of their jobs. They are victims, you see,

October 06, 2011 Blog

Typical Fox News Viewers React to Atheist on Television

Nice crowd the “fair and balanced” network attracts: The Fox News Facebook page got over 8,000 death threats posted on its wall after the Communications

August 09, 2011 Blog

John Shore Is Funny

John Shore is one of my favorite Christian writers [yes, even atheists can have favorite Christian writers, if we want!].  He has a particular way

June 15, 2011 Blog

Why Do White Evangelicals Reject Jesus?

It’s a good question, and it’s something that everybody can see, except, of course, White Evangelical Christians. It’s sort of amazing to liberal believers, atheists,

March 07, 2011 Blog

America’s ‘Traditional Marriage’ Supporters More Divorce-y, Studies Show

As my younger brother said when he shared this with me, NEENER! Divorce is more common among conservative Christians and young people, according to a

January 24, 2011 Blog

Why Conservative Christians Still Don’t Get It

I need to direct you to this piece written by Timothy Kincaid over at Box Turtle Bulletin. As a non-Christian, I grow weary sometimes of

April 02, 2010 Blog
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