Opponents of LGBT equality make a big show of claiming they have no choice but to discriminate because of so-called biblical absolutes. However, religious fundamentalists have consistently abandoned their bedrock beliefs when they have become unpopular or unsustainable.

The most recent example is the Christian Science Church. This religion holds the backwards view that adherents should avoid medical care at all costs. They believe that sickness is the manifestation of a conflict between “correct” and “incorrect” thinking. (Newsflash: Science has discovered bacteria and viruses)

As a result of this barbaric practice, The New York Times reports that more than 50 church members or practitioners have been charged for causing unnecessary deaths due to denial of real medical care. This is particularly problematic when children are the victims.

Of course, dead children is bad PR. The medical issue has caused the church to lose half its membership since its peek of 200,000 at the turn of the century. Faced with the possibility of the church collapsing, the Christian Scientists have suddenly reversed course and said that medical care in fine and dandy, in many cases.

This is not the first time that religious absolutes have changed overnight. The late Rev. Jerry Falwell was in favor of segregation – until his view threatened to relegate him to the fringes of society. Suddenly, God had changed his mind and racism was wrong.

The Mormon Church supported polygamy until 1904, when it was pressured by the US government to abandon the practice. The same church did not allow black priests until 1978, when the prophet had a divine revelation.

In reality, religious absolutes almost always change when a large majority of the public sees a particular rule as obsolete and harmful.

The moral of the story: The LGBT movement should focus on changing public opinion and not waste time on the fanatics. Once 75% of the public is opposed their bigotry, most of them will fall in line – if only to protect their reputations or institutional viability.*

* The exception may be Porno Pete and his hate group.