monserrateHiram Monserrate, who was expelled from the State Senate after being convicted of assaulting his girlfriend, was defeated on Tuesday by Jos?© R. Peralta in a special election in Queens for Mr. Monserrate’ former seat.

Peralta won with 66 percent of the vote and Monserrate got 27 percent. The Republican candidate, Robert Beltrani came in third with 7 percent.

It was wonderful to see the abusive, anti-gay bigot go down in flames. Knowing that his lack of morality and character were a major liability, Monserrate tried to make this race about marriage equality. The girlfriend beater laughably positioned himself as a defender of the family and insulted LGBT people.

Empire State Pride Agenda, Queer Rising, Marriage Equality New York, the Stonewall Democratic Club of New York City and Fight Back New York all played roles in Peralta’s victory.

Indicative of Monserrate character, the Times reports that the scoundrel stopped at a senior citizens’ center in Corona that served as a polling site.

Apparently ignoring election rules that prohibit candidates from campaigning within 100 feet of polling stations, he walked in, shook hands with the men, hugged the women and danced salsa with students taking a class until the center’ director persuaded him to leave.

It is good to see this self-absorbed, arrogant, hypocrite get ousted from politics. He can now pack up his disgraceful anti-gay circus and go home.