Which “concerned man” from Concerned Women for America has such a small, shall we say, sense of his own masculinity, that he thought this would be a good bumper sticker to sell at CPAC?

Oh, the poor things

How sad! If you ever see one of those on a truck (with oversized tires, natch), please don’t get angry. Pity the poor, scared little child that lives inside the body of the man driving the, um, penile substitute. If you’re a spiritual person, say a little prayer for him. He needs all the help he can get, the poor dear.

UPDATE: This isn’t directly related, but right after I posted this, I came across this video of Ewan McGregor on Good Morning America talking about kissing Jim Carrey, on film and off. Instead of letting the situation devolve into childish humor, Ewan sort of made the giggling stagehands and Stephanopoulos look stupid, by, as David Mixner said, giving the moment dignity.

So, as you watch this video, I think you’ll see that my point speaks for itself. Which strikes you as more of a secure man? The pithy scared Matt Barber-esque morons who are so scared of gay people that they would manufacture the above bumper sticker? Or the guy below, who essentially looks around and says, “Yeah, I kissed a man. I’m really not sure why this is an issue for you.”