Robert Richards, DuPont heir convicted of raping his own children.

Robert Richards, DuPont heir convicted of raping his own children.

I have been noticing that Matt Barber’s new website seems to be waging an all out campaign to feature only the most insane, unhinged, completely divorced from reality writers on the wingnut circuit. There is no anti-gay conspiracy too bizarre for any of these people. Porno Pete has written there, as have Scott Lively, Laurie Higgins, Jim Hoft, Judith Reisman and a host of others. A perusal of their front page articles makes Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown look like hippie liberals. And today doesn’t disappoint, as BarbWire senior editor Jeff Allen has penned a screed that lays the blame for the ridiculously light slap on the wrist given to DuPont heir Robert H. Richards IV, who was convicted of raping his own young children. As Right Wing Watch points out, most people who are paying any attention cite the light sentence as an example of how people with lots of money fare much better in our supposedly “fair” judicial system than the poor do. But for the kind of unhinged wingnut that Matt Barber hires, everything, at the end of the day, boils down to a weird, obsessive hatred for LGBT people. So naturally, for Jeff, it’s our fault:

If the pedophiles of our nation were looking for the symbolic “green light” to engage in their heinous, criminal activities, then they most certainly received it from Judge Jan Jurden, the Delaware Superior Court judge who reprehensibly set a vile sexual predator free to roam the streets.

For those pushing to undermine all moral restraints and sexual standards, they now have a new “hero” for their cause. And don’t anyone dare try to tell me that the recent efforts to normalize homosexual deviancy won’t have adverse, wide-ranging repercussions. In fact, I pin most of the blame for America’s moral free fall squarely on the destructive strategies of the militant homosexual activists. We can’t tear down moral barriers and then be surprised when things like this happen. Once one group is given the license to abandon decency, then every other pervert will soon demand the same “right” — that’s the only “fair and equal” thing to do (Sound familiar?).

It only sounds familiar to wingnuts who think that that sort of sentence constitutes some kind of clever logic. But no, as we have always pointed out, there is no “slippery slope,” as the giant moral barrier that everyone agrees on is consent. We have laws in place to protect children because we understand that children cannot consent. Wingnuts have no real argument for why homosexuality is in any way “immoral,” aside from their poor understanding of English translation of a few Bible verses, and, anti-gay hysteria aside, no one is making the argument that child rapists deserve to be treated in a “fair and equal” way, just like LGBT people.

Keep publishing bullshit like this, though, Matt Barber. Every time one of your writers hits “publish,” more people come to the side of fairness, equality, love and justice.