We’re told by Wendy Leigh, an American activist and friend who corresponds with LGBT activists in Africa, that the men arrested in that country for holding a commitment ceremony are being harassed this weekend by police and pressured to undergo bogus medical exams to “prove” that the men had sex.

If the men are not charged with “sodomy,” we’re told, they will be charged with “unnatural sex against the order of nature.”

The Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya is attempting to defend the men.

Meanwhile, Kenyan officials to continue to take lessons from Uganda despots, U.S.-supported evangelicals, and Islamist clergy by mounting acts of mob violence against LGBT Kenyans.

Back in Uganda, ex-gay activist Paul Kagaba — an associate of David Bahati, the leader of the pro-genocide effort — is said to be issuing death threats against LGBT equality advocates and using Red Pepper — a tabloid connected to the half-brother of President Yoweri Museveni — to publish “wanted” photos of advocates for mobs to attack.

Ken Were, project manager, Team Africa, Gay Activists Alliance Africa
Wendy Leigh