In the wake of the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer getting a serious case of diarrhea of the mouth over the past week or so, suggesting that homosexuality should be criminalized just like drug use, I’ve been issuing the necessary smackdowns. But now Jesus’ General has issued the ultimate smackdown, and it deserves to be highlighted:

Dear Brother Fischer,

It looks like your suggestion that homosexualists be prosecuted caught the Southern Poverty Law Center’s attention. They’re basically calling you an idiot for comparing same-sex lovers to intravenous drug users. They note that while drug abuse is illegal, the courts have ruled laws against homsexualism to be unconstitutional. The SPLC also destroys your health threat argument by pointing out that “there has never been a confirmed case of female-to-female HIV transmission in the United States.”

Now, I know what your thinking: “Not-men can’t be homosexualists. They don’t have ‘little soldiers’.”

Yes. You will want to read the entire thing. The last line is genius.