What are we doing to do with this troubled child?

First he ran around the country looking like his mom dressed him up as a pimp for Hallowe’en, trying to “entrap” ACORN employees. Then he doctored the videos to make it look like they committed crimes, when investigations revealed no such thing took place.

Then he participated in some stunt in Mary Landrieu’s office where he misrepresented himself and his intentions, as his friends tampered with her phones while playing dress-up.

Now we find out that two years ago, he and a friend tried to “stick it to the liberals” (their only motivation in life, apparently) by applying for marriage licenses in Massachusetts. No, they’re not gay:

Still, the Wetmore-O’Keefe friendship was, in gonzo journalism terms, a productive one. In 2008, after O’Keefe had left the Leadership Institute, the two men recorded hidden camera video of themselves going to three state offices in Massachusetts, applying for marriage licenses, openly admitting that they were straight men who wanted to get married to take advantage of the benefits.

O’KEEFE: We probably plan on doing this for about a year and then..
CLERK: And then, divorcing.
O’KEEFE: Right.
CLERK: Yeah.

The closest thing O’Keefe and Wetmore got to an ACORN moment was a Worcester, Mass., clerk admitting that she wasn’t telling a supervisor about their meeting because she didn’t want to get in trouble. Because the gag didn’t go any further, the stunt got little media attention. Fourteen months later, it reveals just how close O’Keefe and Wetmore were.

Lord. Apparently the idea that people will use the marriage equality to scam the government into giving them benefits is some sort of wingnut fever dream? Digby thinks so:

I’m not sure what this was trying to prove, but there’s little doubt that these guys are jackasses of the highest order. They are just mean little pranksters seeking to entrap low level clerks into validating bigots’ worst imaginations.

Oh well. Whatever. Even if people did use marriage equality for the purpose of getting benefits, would this be new? I mean, really.

What’s next? Is this little wanna-be badass going to show up at a Planned Parenthood with a rolled up blanket in his shirt and ask for a partial-birth abortion, JUST TO SEE IF THEY’LL GIVE HIM ONE?

This little boy totally reminds me of some stupid comedy bit I saw years ago, where the world’s dumbest pranksters would go through drive-through windows and pay the people, but they wouldn’t take the food. Zing!

Anyway. I smell Daddy issues. Don’t you? To be his age, rich, white and racist…he should be out having fun, you know?

(h/t Joe Sudbay)