This is so bizarre, I don’t even know what to say:

A while ago I wrote my testimony about how Covenant Eyes has greatly benefited my online accountability and facilitates a safe place online. I have tried various accountability software services out there and this is by far the best.

I have been using their service for almost three years. Maybe longer. We at Exodus have even partnered with Covenant Eyes. All of our staff at Exodus uses the service. Many of my friends outside of Exodus use it. I even use it on my personal computer at home. That said, I am running their banners (at the top of the blog mixed in with ours) because I honestly believe that it never hurts to be more transparent with trusted brothers and sisters in Christ about our online activity.

Weird! Weird weird weird weird weird weird!

This is fundamentalist Christian infantilization at its basest. Randall, you are an adult! You, theoretically, “minister” to adults. What kind of grotesque “healing” could you possibly be offering if you’re admitting that the entire staff of your corporation has to install an Internet Mommy to keep them from accidentally catching a glimpse of a male nipple?* And for that matter, what products do you have on your steering wheel to keep you from accidentally pulling into a Crate and Barrel? What kind of steel chastity belts do you wear at the gym? Or do you go the cilice route? Seriously, inquiring minds would love to know, just like we’d love to know these things about Mario Bergner, the “ex-gay” Anglican priest Wayne wrote about the other day.

One more question: How weak of a Jesus are you preaching that he’s so powerless to help you “conquer” your biological urges in the face of an empty Google search field?

Nah, don’t answer these questions. I’ll do it for you:

Sexuality is not a dependency like alcoholism. It is not something that you have to be exposed to, even if it runs in your family, in order for it to manifest. You and I both know, Randy, that our physical attractions to men showed up long before we ever acted on them. Why? Because they are innate. They are natural. They are biological.

Randy, you and Alan Chambers and Richard Cohen, and all the rest of the Diaspora of Denial, are marketing a scam, a transmogrification of healing, wherein to find freedom, one must consign him- or herself to a life of a self-inflicted bondage in order to appease a god too weak to intervene.

How shameful, and what a stain on your faith.

*OOH, look at me, I’m the temptress! See if your Covenant Eyes protect you from Ryan Reynolds’ sexy chest!