Apparently, “ex-gay” activists don’t like to work very much.

Since the temperature dropped below 50 degrees, Exodus International’s staff has noticeably gone into hibernation. Consider the evidence:

  • The group’s last press release posted on its sluggish website is dated November 16, 2009. Memo to Exodus, the New Year’s ball has dropped. You can come out of your slumber.
  • The “recent” Nov. 16th press release was titled “Exodus Sends Letter Opposing Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill.” How nice of Exodus to get around to denouncing calls for genocide, considering the bill was introduced in mid-April 2009. It took the group 7 months to gin up the energy to crank out a single media release on Uganda. Such inaction is particualrly appalling, because Exodus played a key role in fomenting anti-gay sentiment in Uganda, which set the stage for the introduction of the “Kill the Gays” bill.
  • The front page of Exodus’ website still lists an Oklahoma City event from October 2009. Um, Exodus, the leaves have changed colors, they have fallen to the ground, they have been raked up and there is snow on the ground. It’s okay to update the site before the beaches reopen.
  • The only steady work from Exodus comes from its low-impact vanity blog with infrequent posts (maybe one or so per day) from its Vice President Randy Thomas.
  • There is no mention on Exodus’ front page of Love Won Out (LWO) – the “ex-gay” roadshow that Exodus recently took over from Focus on the Family. This is odd, considering the next ex-gay LWO circus is scheduled for March 6th in San Diego.

alanweirdExodus has a budget of more than $1 million dollars and a staff of more than a dozen people, yet, they can’t even update a website or write a press release?


The Board of Exodus ought to launch a formal investigation to see how President Alan Chambers (pictured left, clowning around on the company dole) and Randy Thomas (pictured left, chilling out below) are spending contributions. They certainly aren’t using the money to “educate” or “inform” people on the Internet.

randy-thomas2It seems that in 2010, Exodus has silently backed away from genuine public outreach. The group has retreated into American fundamentalist churches and taken its roadshow overseas – where people are not as informed of the groups dubious history and astronomical failure rate. All we have to do is look at the Uganda nightmare (after Exodus spoke at hate conference in Kampala on March 5 and 6) to see the disastrous results of the group’s global efforts.

Who can blame Exodus for its bunker mentality? Their lies were increasingly unconvincing to thinking people in the United States. This is why they now prefer to take their propaganda to more receptive fundamentalist churches where people are told how to think and what to believe.

In any case, Exodus’ sloth has been noticed and duly noted. The fact is, my chubby, slumbering cat seems to do more work of late than the clearly overpaid staff of Exodus International.

Gay-Grinch-FINAL-copyHowever, the award for laziest anti-gay extremist goes to Peter LaBarbera (aka Porno Pete).

On December 21, I was nominated along with several LGBT activists for the “Gay Grinch Award 2009“. LaBarbera introduced his contest to great fanfare on Concerned Women for America’s radio show.

Perhaps, I’ve missed it – after all, one can’t read everything on the Internet. But, it is now January 25th – and Porno Pete has yet to give out his award.

Look, I’m no expert on Christmas, but doesn’t giving out a “Gay GRINCH Award 2009” imply that it will occur sometime within the vicinity of Dec. 25th? (Or New Years, at the latest)

LaBarbera-774557If Porno Pete (pictured Left) was unable to get his sorry act together before Easter, he should have had the foresight and common sense to use an evil bunny for his award — and not a Grinch. Wake up Petey!

Or, maybe this was just one big, cynical publicity stunt for LaBarbera’s failed organization, Americans for Truth? Maybe, he rather get paid to do nothing or cruise gay bars in the guise of “research”. It certainly beats getting a real job, I suppose.

Bottom line: If one is going to announce a 2009 contest, it ought to take place before the end of 2010. If LaBarbera is so incompetent that he can’t name a winner in a reasonable amount of time, than he is clearly a loser.

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