Teddy Partridge has been faithfully liveblogging the Prop 8 trial for FireDogLake, and tonight he posted this, on the eve of another week of proceedings:

[T]he thing that has sustained me, what’ kept me going, what’ made it all worthwhile as I sit in the 19th floor Ceremonial Courtroom day after day typing, typing, mistyping ‚Äî is the laughter. The laughter rings out among those of us in the room there to hear our lives weighed in the balance, when an absurdity issues from the counsel for the defendant-intervenors, or their withdrawn expert witness depositions replayed on tape, or the defendant-intervenors: that gays are 12 times more likely to molest little children; that gay marriage leads to polygamy, incest and bestiality; that children are confused that a prince can marry a prince. That socially liberal countries that have legalized same sex marriage now have more divorce among opposite sex couples, and that one caused the other.

While there have been tears in the courtroom as we listen to the Plaintiffs tell their stories and the witnesses provide their experience and expertise, it’ the laughter that has meant the most to me. Because if a political movement is mocked and laughed at for its absurd notions and fundamental unfairness, it cannot last long. If its notions simply defy logic and elicit laughter and mockery from fair-minded people, and if its central tenet is one that people really don’t care about very much, then it isn’t going to make headway for very long.

And it simply will not fly, this denying marriage to people who love one another.

When our opposition laughs, it is the ignorant guffaw of those who strive to deny the reality in front of them. I know this laugh well. I grew up around this laugh.

But when we laugh, as LGBT people and fair-minded supporters of all creeds, colors, and what have you, it’s the uncontrollable “you must be kidding me!” giggle of those who know better.

That’s part of the reason I mock some of our foes so much. They’re simply too ridiculous to be met on the merits of their arguments, because their arguments are without merit!

So we laugh. And we will continue to laugh.

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