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Prop 8 Backers Will Ask for En Banc Review

As many expected, the proponents of Proposition 8 are delaying their ultimate loss as long as they possibly can by asking for a full en

February 21, 2012 Blog

Bigots Just Don’t Like Direct Sunlight, Do They?

I haven’t said much about this, but you all might have heard that a judge has ruled that the tapes of the Prop 8 trial

September 20, 2011 Blog

The Rationale Behind Cooper’s Appeal? Delay!

Ari Ezra Waldman has a good piece up at Towleroad this morning which explains the likely reason why the bigots are appealing Ware’s ruling on

June 15, 2011 Blog, News, Opinion

Three Quick Afternoon Links For Thee

It’s sort of a slow news day, but there are three interesting pieces sitting here as open tabs on my screen, so I will share

December 03, 2010 Blog

Ninth Circuit Will Allow Prop 8 Appeal Hearing to be Televised

In case you didn’t hear this when it came out late yesterday: A federal appeals court Wednesday authorized the televising of a Dec. 6 hearing

November 18, 2010 Blog

Ninth Circuit to Hear Prop 8 Appeal Case on December 6

I got the text message about this yesterday afternoon and forgot to throw something up, so in case you haven’t heard: A federal appeals court

October 22, 2010 Blog

Frank Rich on the Prop 8 Trial

These two paragraphs from Rich’s latest column really sort of sum up what happened in the Prop 8 trial. You should read the whole thing,

August 15, 2010 Blog

Rick Santorum Has Irrelevant Opinion on Prop 8 Trial

As TS at Instaputz said: If By ‘The Left’ You Mean a Keynote Speaker at the Federalist Society and a Reagan-Appointed Judge… Sure! Oh, the

August 05, 2010 Blog

A Likely Win for Pro-Equality Forces in Prop 8 Trial?

Bmaz, blogging over at Marcy Wheeler’s place, seems to think so, and for good reason: As I indicated earlier, and as nearly every media outlet and

August 04, 2010 Blog

Prop 8 Decision Tomorrow

Yes sirs and ma’ams, tomorrow is the day

August 03, 2010 Blog
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