hooker-018Earlier in the week, we reported on the harm done by “fondle therapy” and a renegade Exodus ministry in Michigan (at least until this week) that practiced the bizarre technique.

Today, TWO’s Michael Airhart wrote about another strain of “ex-gay” ideology, “death therapy” that is being prompted by British anti-gay activist Stehpen Green. The theory is that if you kill homosexuals, there will be no more homosexuality. Although macabre, it actually works if your not squeamish about mass murder, squashing freedom and state sponsored persecution.

The latest form of ex-gay ideology to emerge is “hooker therapy.”

The Advocate reports today that an Australian father who is accused of forcing his teenage son to have sex with a prostitute — out of fear that he was gay — may face rape charges.

As the rest of the family celebrated Christmas 2007, the father allegedly took his son to a motel in North Rockhampton, where he paid the ho to have sex with his son, according to The Morning Bulletin, a newspaper in Rockhampton. He left the room, demanding that the boy show him a used condom as proof he finished with the prostitute.

A magistrate decided on Tuesday that there was enough evidence to bring the father to trial.

“First [he] didn’t want to say anything to me,” the boy’s mother testified. “Then he told me his father took him to a motel room and there was a prostitute there. He wouldn’t talk, he just started crying.”

Detective sergeant Christine Knapp said police first became aware of the situation when the father tried to report his son to authorities six months later, in May 2008, saying the boy was abusing his younger brother. The father said he “tried to sort it out himself by taking his son to a prostitute” to no avail.

Of course, the official “ex-gay” groups will deny any connection with this incident – and technically they would be correct. However, the discredited idea that one can change from gay-to-straight, if they just try hard enough, keeps mutating into perverse progeny. We saw this insanity with the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda and now we see it with “ho therapy”.

Attempts to convert gay people rarely have a happy ending – unless one counts those on the payroll of so-called “ex-gay” organizations. However, it is difficult to deny that the noxious notion of “ex-gay” has led to distress, dysfunction and disaster in manifold forms.

Hooker therapy appears is the latest incarnation of the insanity that has blossomed under the rubric of “ex-gay”.