Pride Event: Volunteer at a TWO GLBT Pride booth. Check to see if we will have a booth at Pride in your area. If not, consider raising the money for a booth, so we can have a presence in your local Pride festival.


Monitor a ministry: Many states have ex-gay ministries associated with Exodus International, Homosexuals Anonymous or similar organizations. Sign up for your local ex-gay ministry’ newsletter to learn about what they are up to. You might be surprised on what you will find. If an item is particularly newsworthy, such as a fallen leader, you can report your finding to TWO. There are several hundred ex-gay ministries across America — far too many for us to keep up with on a regular basis. We rely on you to help us stay abreast of the latest trends and news from ex-gay organizations in your area.

Visit an “ex-gay’ group: The techniques and theories put forth by ex-gay organizations are often bizarre and antiquated. Inevitably, the more Americans see what goes on inside these groups, the more skeptical they become. You can make a difference by visiting these groups and reporting to TWO and your local community about what occurs in their meetings. Often, it will just be prayers and the singing of hymns. However, on many occasions, you will witness the odd and outrageous.