Grove City College professor Dr. Warren reported some explosive news today:

The committee of Ugandan researchers and scientists who gave President Museveni cover (see their final report here) to sign the Anti-Homosexuality Bill was chaired by Jane Ruth Aceng. Dr. Aceng is a pediatrician and Director of General Health Services at Uganda’s Ministry of Health. She also is a principal investigator for the National Institutes of Health, currently leading a project which addresses “HIV response” in Uganda.

Dr. Aceng is supposed to be leading an effort to address HIV response and yet her failure to stand up to the President’s misuse of science will weaken her nation’s ability to reach vulnerable populations.

If Aceng gave cover to an eliminationst law that criminalizes the very existence of LGBT people, all future grants from the U.S. government MUST be eliminated.  We will not stand by idly and allow our brothers and sisters to be murdered, humiliated, and jailed with the “scientific” imprimatur of NIH grant recipients.  This is beyond unacceptable and enters the realm of unconscionable. Any person tied to this hateful law in Uganda must be held fully accountable and taken to task. Anyone who supports the Anti-Homosexuality Law, is beyond unfit to receive US funds in any capacity. We should not give our tax dollars to those who support state sponsored terror campaigns.

In 2012, researcher Bruce Wilson reported another shocking Uganda health care system story, “Prayer Cures AIDS.” He revealed that Ugandan Health Minister Christine Ondoa was, according to Ugandan media, a pastor in Julius Oyet’s powerful Lifeline Ministry. Oyet claims miracle cures of HIV/AIDS have happened at his revival events and also says that he played a kingmaker role in the creation of the Uganda Anti Homosexuality Bill that was just signed into law by Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni.

As it happens, it was Christine Ondoa who, during her tenure as Minister of Health, appointed  Jane Ruth Aceng to her current Health Ministry position. And the two are sufficiently close that Aceng chose Ondoa to serve as bridesmaid at Jane Ruth Aceng’s wedding, reported a Ugandan newspaper in early 2013. The wedding, according to the paper, was held at the Kampala Watoto Church – which has played such a central role in the mounting campaign of anti-LGBT hatred in Uganda that American evangelist Scott Lively, credited with having infused his vitriolic anti-LGBT narratives into Ugandan public discourse, (narratives that claim Hitler, his Nazi movement, and the Holocaust were the product of gay psychopathology) gave a special presentation of his theories at the church in 2009.

When Wilson covered Christine Ondoa’s 2012 appointment as Uganda Minister of Health, he was shocked by the lack of Western and media attention to the story. These new developments – Jane Ruth Aceng’s role, as addressed by professor Throckmorton, and in the context of her appointment to the Health Ministry by Christine Ondoa, and her obviously close relationship to Ondoa and the Watoto Church, suggest that the New Apostolic Reformation movement — of which Julius Oyet and Christine Ondoa are clearly a part of, and probably Aceng as well. Thus is a movement with little respect for science, yet has made gut-wrenching inroads in capturing the leadership of Uganda’s health system – which in turn the United States partially funds.

This raises the questions: Is America funding Ugandan health care, a form of Biblical government aimed at jailing or eliminating all LGBT citizens in Uganda, or both? And, will American and Western media pay attention now?