DL (Down Low) Foster has long been one of the most delusional and grandiose “ex-gay” activists we cover.  Last week, Evan pointed out that he compared himself to Harriet Tubman. Today, the egotist compared himself to Frederick Douglass and so-called ex-gays to slaves:

He [Douglas] understood that you can’t liberate people if you are unwilling to confront their captors. Consequently, slave owners despised him.  Using wit-challenged rhetoric, they ridiculed him and spread false information about him in an attempt to leverage his  impact. They hated that when he talked people listened, especially the slaves who had been told that it was God’s will they stay in bondage. For obvious reasons, liberation messages were very unpopular with the hateful slave owners. But Douglass became masterful at getting the message out.

Reading more about Frederick Douglass and the hate he endured from the slave owners simply because he wanted his brothers and sisters to be free, reminded me of what a gay activist said recently about EXhomosexuals. “Ex-gays are as rare as the Dodo bird.”, quipped homosexual Wayne Besen who spends his waking hours attempting to do what what slaveowners did to Douglass, Tubman and other abolitionists. Besen uses the same strategy of the slave owners:  paint the abolitionists as uneducated, unhinged loons fighting a losing battle. Ridicule became their oft used tool when outright intimidation failed to deter those bearing the message of freedom.

I suppose next week he’s going to fancy himself Martin Luther King Jr. (While we’re at it, can I be Abe Lincoln or JFK?)

Based on the incoherent and rarely spell checked ramblings of DL Foster, it is fair to question his education level. Furthermore, given that Foster is comparing himself to Tubman and Douglass, it is also reasonable to question whether he is a loon.

It is also rather ironic that Foster writes: “Ridicule became their oft used tool when outright intimidation failed to deter those bearing the message of freedom.” Isn’t this the same DL Foster that drew a Hitler mustache on me a few years back?  Check out Down Low’s artwork:


It seems like a classic case of projection, no?