A few days ago, Evan posted on “ex-gay” activist Greg Quinlan’s interview with Bradlee Dean/Jake McMillan “Sons Of greg-quinlan1Liberty” radio show. (7/2/13) Those who follow the “ex-gay” industry know that Quinlan is an unhinged, pathological liar, and a very sick man. Here is a partial transcript of key moments from the radio gig. We hope LGBT advocates will share this link and use it each time Quinlan appears in state houses or Congress to give his “ex-gays” are victims spiel.


“I was an activist, trained by the Human Rights Campaign fund, as it was called then. I just turned 55, so that gives away my age, but they basically trained me to do what I’m doing now, which is grassroots activism, how to read legislation, how to lobby my elected officials. As I put it, “what the Devil trained me to do, I can now use for the Lord.” But, in the process of that, too, I am fighting for the traditional values, our liberty, which I think was just taken away from us. When the vote of the people does not stand, when the legislature and their abilities to make laws no longer matters and five black-robed Nazis decide to change all of that, to accommodate their own personal predilections, including their own sexuality, then we’ve got a problem. We’re in serious trouble. The public’s in trouble.

(host asks if he knows about Elena Kagan)

“Oh I absolutely know Elena Kagan’s background. In fact I met Elena Kagan a long time ago, back in the early ‘90’s. That was at the Human Rights Campaign fund get-together, I forget what it was, but that’s when I met her. And I do remember that it was towards the end of Reagan’s administration, when I was just getting involved in the homosexual politics, for the express reason that I’m a nurse, I’m a registered nurse, and I became an AIDS nurse because of the AIDS epidemic and watched a hundred of my friends and acquaintances die of AIDS before I quit counting, that’s why I got involved in this, because of the AIDS epidemic, not because of gay rights, but I got sucked into that. But also, too, that Mr. Kennedy has a predilection on the down low, Justice Kennedy, that was the rumor that was around back then, now, thirty years ago, really.

(host suggests that that’s why the SCOTUS ruled the way it did, and Quinlan adds, “with a down low President.”)

(host asks what the “end” of the struggle is for “homosexual activists,” the “end of the church?”)

“You said it. It’s the end of the Church. What stands in the way of us doing what we want to do? What’s in the way of us having sex with who you want to have it, no matter how old they are, any way we want to have it? It’s the Church. The Constitution of the United States is a Christian document, in fact it’s a Calvinist document. I happen to be an Arminian. But it’s a Calvinist document. It’s clearly a Christian document. So what stands in the way? It’s the Constitution of the United States. What stands in the way? It’s the Church of Jesus Christ. And in order to change this government, to change the mightiest government that ever existed, because it’s founded on God Almighty’s truth and principles, is to destroy it so that they can do what they want to do, have sex the way they want to have it, and the only way they can do it is to shut us up.

(host suggests that homosexuals are being “used” to destroy America, like “civilizations of old,” and will be destroyed again.)gregoryquinlan990

“Absolutely, that’s what happened in Nazi Germany.”

“It’s the butch, the masculine types that still participate in homosexuality, and that’s exactly what happened in the concentration camps, that’s exactly what the SS were.”

(random host babble about Rachel Maddow. The host, Bradlee Dean sued Maddow for $50,000,000 and got laughed out of court and ordered to pay her legal fees. This leads to juvenile banter over whether Maddow is “butch” or “femme.”)

“She would definitely be a butch, but she’s a butch that has to be a femme, means that she has to put on lipstick.”

(Hosts are thrilled that they get to make lesbian jokes, because they have a gay guy with them. Excuse me, “ex-gay” guy. Next they say gays are coming for your kids. Host says “they want little boys.”)

Quinlan adds, “little boys and little girls.”

Clip ends.