Our friends at Right Wing Watch reported today that Daystar host Joni Lamb is having a special on so-called “ex-gays” that included some leading freaks, flakes, and frauds.

Let’s start with the fraud — a Texas clown doctor (originally from Zimbabwe) named Dr. Jerry Mungadze. He uses a bizarre method that he has dubbed Right Brain Therapy. Here is a bit more on the pseudo-scientific technique:

Dr. Mungadze has made some remarkable discoveries concerning the workings of the brain.  Studies have clearly GE DIGITAL CAMERAshown that brain function is altered by the effects of emotional wounds.  Dr. Mungadze has devised a new way to see, hear, understand, and resolve these alterations and effects through a unique therapeutic process called Right Brain Therapy (RBT).   Simply put, RBT uses therapeutic approaches that bypass the left brain and open the door to the real person inside – the person most freely expressed by the right brain.  What does this mean to you?  This freedom of expression is the key to your mental and emotional healing.

Here is what the quack said on the Joni lamb show:

The good news is, at least with the people that I’ve seen, not a lot of people, when the healing takes place those areas of the brain that were showing the homosexuality show heterosexuality. I have had several people who when I looked at them I couldn’t tell the difference between a heterosexual who never was homosexual and them, which means the brain is able to go back and fire the way it is supposed to be, which is an argument against the whole idea of someone was born that way.

Like all such crackpot doctors, his “education” is heavy on scripture and light on science:

Selected for a scholarship here in the United States, Dr. Mungadze received a BS in Bible from Dallas Bible College in Dallas, Texas, an MA in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas, and a Ph.D. in counselor education with a minor in psychology from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.

I won’t hesitate to say the truth: Dr. Mungadze is a sleaze and a con artist who is ripping off vulnerable and desperate people. He is a committing consumer fraud, misleading his clients, and profiting from their pain. I will give him $10,000 if he can scientifically prove his scam therapy works. Want to take me up on it doctor?

Not surprisingly, this whack job prefers to get paid on the spot and shies away from insurance:

Full payment is due at the time of service or before by all adult patients or adults responsible for minor patients.  We accept cash, checks, American Express, Visa/Mastercard, and Discover.  We also accept payments online. We are not a participating provider with any insurance companies at this time.  Patients are responsible for all financial obligations and filing of insurance.

Grove City College Professor Dr. Warren Throckmorton is also skeptical of Mungadze’s outlandish claims. Here is what he wrote:

Being aware that Michael Bailey at Northwestern University has challenged ex-gay therapists to send clients to his lab for brain scans to assess change in sexual arousal patterns. I asked him if he was open to issuing the same challenge to Mungadze. As I expected he agreed enthusiastically. Essentially, the challenge requires that Mungadze send a client to his lab before and after therapy to see if sexual arousal patterns have changed. Mungadze can invite the press or any other observers if he wants to. Bailey and I have discussed this for several years and made these offers to others. Thus far, no one has taken him up on the offer. I wonder if Mungadze will.

Well, we are in luck because Truth Wins Out has interviewed J. Michael Bailey:

Now that we have discussed the fraud — we will finish with with the flakes and freaks: The Restored Hope Network’s Joe Dallas and Anne Paulk — as well as Janet Boynes. Paulk and Boynes are hucksters and opportunists who are posing as “ex-gay” when they are really bisexual. Prior to prayer and therapy they both had satisfying sexual relationships with men. According to Paulk in the book Love Won Out:

Shortly after high school she met a man named Mark and wrote that he, “appealed to me sexually…We were drawn together by sheer animal magnetism…I came to see that I could be physically attracted to a male, but I just couldn’t surrender my heart to him.”

According to Boynes in her book Called Out:

I was interested in boys, as most little girls are, but my masculine features and the fact that I beat them up kept most of the boys away from me. I had crushes on boys…I set my sights on boys at least two years younger than me and we snuck into the hallway to make out and smoke….

…After the collapse of an unseemly relationship, Boynes began attending Concordia Bible College, where her bisexuality was on full display: “…a girl named Lenna began to catch my eye. I still associated with guys and was attracted to them, but I could feel myself changing.” (p. 16)

The most you can say about Paulk and Boynes is that they are bisexuals who suppressed the gay side of their orientation due to religious indoctrination. It is fraudulent and unethical for either of them to claim to be “ex-lesbians” or to pretend that they have anything to offer women who never experienced attractions to men while growing up.

As for Joe Dallas — this is what he told the Los Angeles Times on April 5, 1990:

“No one has ever left therapy saying, “Wow, I have absolutely no homosexual thoughts.”

I’m sure that is exactly the direct and honest message Dallas delivered to the quack doctor from Texas when he offered his magical cure.