Our friends at Beyond Ex-Gay have released the results of a new survey of people who survived damaging “ex-gay” programs. Thejallenrix victims made their voices heard and revealed how such ministries and therapies led to self-hatred, isolation, depression, flashbacks and exorcisms.

Beginning November 2011, Beyond Ex-Gay partnered with its global network of survivors of reparative therapy in order to study and document the abuse and unprofessional counseling tactics of the ex-gay movement. More than 400 survivors shared how their ex-gay experience(s) damaged their social, emotional, financial, spiritual, and sexual health and well being.

“Without the voices of ex-gay survivors telling what really happens in these environments, hyper-religious ministries and therapists like this get away with saying that they’re healing people and changing people — and, in fact, they are not,” Jallen Rix (pictured) told The Huffington Post.

You can read about the survey at this link. We thank Rix for making this survey happen.

In the meantime, we will leave you with the voices of a few survivors.