glatzenarthcropped22Michael Glatze was the co-founder of the short-lived publication Young Gay America and also worked briefly for XY magazine. After a health scare, Glatze found Jesus (and in my view went bonkers) and became an anti-gay activist with the zeal of a convert. After offending people with his bizarre homophobic rants, he quieted down and moved to Yoder, Wyoming which apparently made it more difficult to find sex with men. (See Brokeback Mountain).

Today, it appears that Glatze is still on his anti-gay kick. In a Facebook post, he expresses elation that his church is bigoted and is leaving its denomination because it took  a more enlightened stance on homosexuality:

proud of my church. Presbyterian Church (USA) wants to ordain homosexuals; so, we’re leaving the denomination. Biblical Christians must take a stand against apostasy, at all costs! “Do not fear,” Jesus says, in Revelation 2:10. Here’s a couple photos of us taking the old sign down! <<please pray for God’s Holy Power to blow through our town to finish this necessary job.

One just has to feel complete pity for Glatze. He once had such a promising future. But now he hiding from himself in the woods, while consumed by hatred and nursing a nasty case of self-loathing.