It has been a tough couple of week for the “ex-gay” industry. They have battled a lawsuit, been slammed by the introduction of a federal resolution, and received bad media coverage exposing their fraudulent practices. Now, a Pennsylvania Republican state lawmaker, Rep. Mike Fleck, has come out and kneecapped the “ex-gay” myth. According to Fleck:

I sought out treatment from a Christian counselor, but when that didn’t work out, I engaged a secular therapist who told me point blank that I was gay and that I was too caught up in being the perfect Christian rather than actually being authentic and honest.

Through years of counseling, I’ve met a lot of gay Christians who have tried hard to change their God-given sexual orientation, but at the end of the day, I know of none who’ve been successful. They’ve only succeeded at repressing their identity, only to have it reappear time and time again and always wreaking havoc not only on themselves, but especially on their family.

Fleck’s words have more resonance when one considers he was an Eagle Scout, a conservative, a practicing Christan and a Liberty University graduate.

Welcome out Rep. Fleck! We are glad you could join us — and we greatly appreciate your testimony on the ineffectiveness of so-called “ex-gay” programs.