ph2006042701620.jpgEarlier today, Jay Fisette, a member of the Arlington County Board commented on the alleged “hate crime” reported by Regina Griggs, Executive Director of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays. Griggs claimed that a man was physically assaulted at a booth at the Arlington County Fair because he was an ex-gay PFOX volunteer. A subsequent investigation by Ex-Gay Watch found the allegations to be without merit. Fisette weighed in on the widening controversy:

“The alleged incident is a fiction. It makes for a good story, and possibly helps some with fundraising, but remains untrue. Both the Arlington County Police and the County Fair Board state they have no awareness or record of such an incident. Having spent quite a bit of time at the County Fair myself, I’m not sure the PFOX booth received much attention at all over that weekend.”

Jay Fisette
Member, Arlington County Board

Truth Wins Out called on Griggs to resign today, as this outrageous falsification of the facts has badly damaged her credibility on gay issues.