A nefarious multi-million dollar campaign, designed and executed by American fundamentalists, is underway to drag the world back into the Dark Ages. Like drug dealers, they are traffickers, but instead of cocaine or heroin they are trafficking in hate. Like a cartel, they can sometimes fly below the radar, deal in huge sums of money, operate with clandestine fronts, launder cash to protect identity, cross international borders with impunity, and run sophisticated operations on a global scale. The Center Against Religious Extremism (TWOCARE) is designed to monitor, counter, and ultimately serve as a bulwark against this ignoble enterprise. The critically important work of TWOCARE will:

    • Highlight the economic, moral, cultural, scientific, and educational harm done to civilization by political fundamentalist movements
    • Study the intersection of American religious extremist groups and their foreign counterparts
    • Create an early warning system to detect future problem spots, so resources can be shifted to counter the threat before it materializes and metastasizes
    • Connect the dots and uncover global patterns of religious extremism
    • Find long-term solutions to help counter American and global religious fanaticism


America’s Extreme Right Has a Patriot Problem

WorldCongressofFascists_LogoAmerica’s extreme right has long been known for its gratuitous flag waving – but who ever thought the flag would be Russian? As the crisis in Ukraine unfolds, it is becoming crystal clear that leading social conservatives and their advocacy groups are grappling with a patriot problem. While the rest of America is actually rooting for America, these right wing stalwarts are cheerleading for Mother Russia and are openly touting their affinity for Vladimir Putin in the middle of an international crisis. Prominent American members of the World Congress of Families (WCF), such as Focus on the Family, Americans United for Life, and The Alliance Defense Fund, must choose their loyalties. Concerned Women for America was the first WCF member to blink by pulling out of  a 2014 Kremlin conference and saying that they “don’t want to appear to be giving aid and comfort to Vladimir Putin.” Will the other American WCF groups follow, or will they continue to wave the Russian flag, as the rest of the world prepares to confront the totalitarian Russian bear?

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Wmoneyill Economic Inequality Undermine LGBT Equality?

As the American middle class contracts it is worth considering the ramifications this might have on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender equality. Generally speaking, angry people going nowhere fast are less receptive to arguments in favor of minority rights. They have their own grievances and are in no mood to hear about the plight of others. If current economic trends continue, it could lead to indifference to LGBT concerns and the proliferation of right wing extremist groups that exploit these unfortunate trends.

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SPLC Adds Seven New Organizations To Anti-Gay Hate Group List

SPLCWithout fanfare, the Southern Poverty Law Center has made several important additions to its list of anti-gay hate groups. Some are already very familiar to readers, while others are only becoming more visible, having worked behind the scenes for years. While anti-gay folks seem to believe that mere opposition to gay rights will land a group on the SPLC’s list, their criteria is actually quite specific, and involves groups which routinely lie about and demonize LGBT people in their work.  As the Religious Right in the United States loses members to old age, many of their organizations are growing more extreme, and as a result, more and more of them are moving into the “hate group” column.  Full Report Here


On The Opening Day Of The Olympics, The Last Place I Want To Be Is Sochi

olympicsSpecial Report: The International Olympic Committee thought its unconscionable choice of Sochi for the Winter Olympics would  blow over. How could it when the city is next to a war zone in a corrupt, human rights-abusing, increasingly totalitarian state presided over by a leader who has a hell of a lot more faux machismo than good sense? Let us be clear:  Even if the Games go off without a hitch,  2014 will go down as a stain on Olympic history. That’s a shame, because there are so many athletes, from so many nations, who have been fighting for this chance to compete for their entire lives, only to have their experience marred by the mismanagement, corruption, incompetence and bigotry of the host nation, aided and abetted by the IOC.  Read Full Report Here

Winning the Battle at Home, But Outflanked Abroad?

Af SignAnti-gay forces are working to surrounded America and Western Europe with fundamentalist regimes. It appears they are having some success. The idea is for America’s social conservatives to export homophobia (or pour gasoline on existing homophobia) in developing nations to accomplish overseas what they can’t at home. The questions is: Are we up to the challenge to beat back this emerging threat?  Read Full Report Here


Special Report: Globetrotting American evangelicals are egging on homophobia in Russia

Sgayrussia-293x150ocial conservatives in the U.S. are promoting draconian laws they could only dream of passing in the United States. TWO’s Evan Hurst thoroughly examines U.S. ties to the anti-gay crackdown in Russia and reports that this trend will only intensify with the World Congress of Families holding its annual convention in Moscow in Sept. 2014. Read Full Report Here


Special Report: Russia’s Anti-Gay Pogrom Has Disturbing Parallels to Medieval Anti-Semitism

RussianTortureRecently, a totalitarian law passed in Russia that prohibits words or actions considered remotely positive about gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender individuals. It labels any accurate information or support for the LGBT community “propaganda.” Conservative legislators realized that open and free discussions about LGBT people inevitably lead to equality. So, this draconian measure was intended to preemptively hijack the discussion, silence the more persuasive argument, and indoctrinate the population without opposition. These actions — along with abundant and shocking racist attacks –make it clear that Russia should no longer be considered a free country that respects the rights of minorities. History informs us that scapegoating vulnerable minorities is a risky proposition that can easily spin out of control. A book about the Black Plague by John Kelly, The Great Mortality, reveals some disturbing parallels between anti-Semitism in Middle Age Europe and the current Russian crackdown on LGBT people. While the plight and circumstances experienced by diverse groups in radically different eras of human history makes comparisons tricky, there are undoubtedly commonalities worth exploring. Read Report Here


antonios-300x201Special Report: Campus Crusade For Christ ‘Pamoja 3′ Conference Incites Hatred Against LGBT Community In Africa

In January of 2013, Campus Crusade For Christ (Cru) sponsored a conference called Pamoja 3, bringing together two thousand students and professionals in Lagos, Nigeria, as part of their mission to evangelize Africa. The conference was led by two high-ranking vice presidents in the Campus Crusade international organization, Bekele Shanko and Dela Adedevoh. This conference was an example of hardcore religious extremism, where key Cru officials invited an Ethiopian activist to speak who declared at the event that Africa would become a ‘graveyard for homosexuality.’ While Cru presents a mainstream face on college campuses in America, it appears to have a different, and potentially dangerous, message abroad. Read Report Here


Special Report: Truth Wins Out’s Executive Director Wayne Besen Monitors Lou Engle’s The Call Detroit11.11.11 Fundamentalist Revival

This 24-hour stadium prayer revival and fast was organized by The Call’s Lou Engle. We fully expected this to be a “gay bashing” and “Muslim trashing” extravaganza. What we found was much more sinister. This was really a political rally designed to surreptitiously lure African Americans to the Republican Party in a key swing state. The plan included a cunning five-part strategy. 1) Pick a key swing state with a beleaguered city that had an economically disadvantaged African American population 2) Create an emotional spectacle where tearful white people pleaded for forgiveness and repented onstage for past racism 3) Sharply define new wedge issue(s) and create a racially-based conspiracy theory that could ultimately be used against the Democratic Party 4) Exploit these emerging wedge issue(s) to the point they become more important than fixing the economy 5) Redefine voting criteria so candidates are primarily judged by where they stand on these wedge issue(s) – with the ultimate goal of leading many African Americans to conclude that they are best represented by the conservative GOP. Read Report Here


ValuesTWO Attends Values Voter Summit 2011 in Washington (Oct. 7-9)

Truth Wins Out attended the conservative Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC that was sponsored by the Family Research Council, American Values, and the American Family Association. This included attending private events and viewing speeches by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX), Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Daniel Avila, Bryan Fischer, and Glenn Beck. TWO videotaped some of the talks and also discovered the presence of a Ugandan General at a Ugandan Embassy party that took place in the same hotel as the Values Voter Summit. This was rather curious considering the strong ties of American evangelicals to the leaders of this rabidly homophobic nation. TWO also videotaped a speech by Catholic extremist Daniel Avila where he said there was a secret plan hatched by the Catholic Church to overturn marriage equality in Massachusetts.

Boynes ChrismaSpecial Report: Meet Janet Boynes, the Bachmann Family’s ‘Ex-Gay’ Minister

In summer 2011, Truth Wins Out infiltrated Bachmann & Associates to see if the clinic’s therapists practiced “ex-gay” (aka reparative) therapy. We launched this operation after presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s husband, Marcus, claimed that his business did not take part in the discredited practice of converting homosexuals into heterosexuals. TWO’s investigation discovered incontrovertible evidence that “ex-gay” therapy did, in fact, occur at Bachmann & Associates. Included in our trove of evidence was a notorious book by Janet Boynes, Called Out: A Former Lesbians Discovery of Freedom, stacked high and sold at the clinic. Prominently displayed above the pile of books was a glowing personal endorsement from Marcus Bachmann. Given her close ties to the Bachmann family, many people are clamoring to know: Who is Janet Boynes? This TWO Special Report by Wayne Besen answers this question. Read Report Here


BachmannsSpecial Report: Marcus and Michelle Bachmann’s Clinic Practices ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy
An investigation by Truth Wins Out revealed that the clinic of Marcus Bachmann, the husband of presidential candidate Michele Bachmann (R-MN), practices reparative therapy, a controversial and discredited clinical method designed to “cure” gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. TWO’s findings contradict claims by Mr. Bachmann that he and his clinic, Bachmann & Associates, do not participate in reparative therapy. The story broke in The Nation magazine where Mariah Blake reported on the results of our investigation. The national media took note and covered the scandal — from The New York Times to cable and network television shows.

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Read: John Becker Goes Inside Bachmann Clinic

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Hong KongSpecial Report: How Radical American Christian Sects Are Invading Hong Kong, Asia and the Beyond
In June 2011, TWO launched a petition calling on Hong Kong to fire Hong Kwai-wah, an”ex-gay” therapist the government hired to “cure” LGBT people. This brazen step by Hong Kong officials show how extremist movements can infiltrate government and impact policy. In this report by Bruce Wilson, TWO explores how radical Christian groups are exporting intolerance to Hong Kong and  across the globe.
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7mSpecial Report: Exposing the 7 Mountains Movement
On April 1-2, 2011, Harvard University hosted the controversial “Social Transformation Conference”, run by leaders of the dangerous New Apostolic Reformation (aka The Seven Mountains Movement). Researcher Bruce Wilson deftly explores what this movement stands for and exposes the speakers at this conference as extremists who hold dangerous ideas. Anyone who cares about the potential proliferation of theocracy on a global scale should read this illuminating report. Read More

FamilySpecial Report: All in “The Family”
Truth Wins Out examines the main players is involved in the secretive fundamentalist group, The Family. This organization hosts the annual National Prayer Breakfast and is knee-deep in Uganda’s draconian the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.
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TeenChallengeMy Nightmare at Teen Challenge

James Voss recounts his experience at Teen Challenge, an Assemblies of God program designed to “help” allegedly wayward youth. Most troubling, Teen Challenge is often supported with tax dollars as a faith-based program. Read More

UgandaStop The Anti-Gay Genocide In Uganda
Truth Wins Out’s Wayne Besen examines the Anti-Homosexuality Bill and the link to American Evangelicals, particularly those tied to The National Prayer Breakfast
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SPLCSouthern Poverty Law Center Report Includes New Anti-Gay Hate Groups
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) released a landmark report on anti-gay defamation. The SPLC certified several new hate groups, including well-known organizations, such as The Family Research Council and The American Family Association.
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Exodus-International-smExodus International Targeting Kids in 2011
Truth Wins Out examines the danger of the “ex-gay” organization’s plan to target children for its failed programs in 2011
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cross_2The Religious Right’s Violent Bully Pulpit
TWO’s Wayne Besen examines how the extremist rhetoric can lead to anti-gay violence.
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peter_labarbera2-150x150Special Report: Peter LaBarbera’s Anti-Gay Truth Academy Bombs
Truth Wins Out, sent a “spy” to document what we expected – based on the hype — to be a large anti-gay event. The thrust of the conference was to teach an army of young culture warriors how to beat back the so-called gay agenda. These students would then return home equipped to turn back the clock on gay rights in their communities. What we found, however, was an event that looked more like a poorly attended condo board meeting than a youthful resurgence of the anti-gay movement. The crowd vacillated between 20-30 people, who were considerably older than the “students” the conference claimed it was trying to reach.
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lou-engleSpecial Report: Lou Engle’s Stealth Bombers Meeting
TWO’s Evan Hurst goes undercover in St. Louis to report on Rev. Lou Engle’s revival at the Gateway House of Prayer.  Discover the bizarre and creepy world encountered at this event.
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george-rekers-person-photo-u1NARTH’s George Rekers Caught with Male Escort
The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) is back in the news after its most prominent board member, George A. Rekers, was discovered by the Miami New Times with a male prostitute he met on

This has put a searing spotlight on an organization that works hard to portray itself as reputable and mainstream. However, a closer examination of NARTH reveals that it has long been a refuge for disreputable characters, extremists and even criminals.
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maydaypicRight Wing May Day Rally a Bust
Truth Wins Out’s Wayne Besen attended the heavily promoted, “May Day 2010: A Cry To God For A Nation In Distress.” It was organized by Janet Porter (formerly Folger) who is best known for running the failed “ex-gay” Truth in Love ad campaign in 1998.  The event’s attendance was sparse and did not meet expectations.Read More

AwakeningSpecial Report: A View Inside The Right Wing Awakening Conference In Lynchburg
The Awakening Conference was sponsored by the Freedom Federation and held at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA. Truth Wins Out’s Wayne Besen reported from inside the event.
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harveySpecial Report: Linda Harvey’s Extremism On Display In Michigan
Radio host Linda Harvey spoke to a crowd of 200 people in Michigan. She applauded Holocaust revisionist Scott Lively and claimed to have worked on Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill. TWO was at her talk and reports on her controversial presentation.
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