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Michele Bachmann* Will Stop Gays By Bribing Us With Real Estate

*Not the real Michele Bachmann, but the Wonkette one, who is mostly like the real one, except that her real name is “Sara Benincasa.” Sara

September 09, 2010 Blog

Completely Un-Gay Husband of Michele Bachmann Can Help Your Gay Child, For Money

Yesterday, we laughed and laughed at a candid video of Dr. Marcus Bachmann, husband of Michele, and the funny thing about the video didn’t even

September 02, 2010 Blog

New Wonkette Piece on Ken Mehlman

It seemed appropriate to jump on the Ken Mehlman story for my weekly Wonkette column: Rumors about former RNC chair Ken Mehlman’s Complete Gayness have

August 26, 2010 Blog

The Ann Coulter/GOProud/Porno Pete Slapfight

In case you were wondering why I hadn’t written much about the hilarious snarking back and forth between the various corners of gay wingnuttia over

August 12, 2010 Blog

Boycott Everything!

My latest Wonkette piece is up, and I decided to use this week’s post to have a little fun with all of the various boycotts

August 03, 2010 Blog

The ‘Take Off Your Pants, Touch Yourself’ Method

I took the JONAH scandal to Wonkette, because I could.  Here’s your first paragraph, and then go read the rest: Do you find yourself to

July 19, 2010 Blog

“Catholic Priest Sex Scandal Mysteriously Does Not Involve Child Molestation”

In case you have not been made aware, I’m contributing here and there to a little website called Wonkette, and that is the title of

July 07, 2010 Blog
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