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Envisioning A World Where Fundamentalists Hated Things Besides Gays

If only they tried hating something new once in a while

March 04, 2014 News

Has Bradlee Dean’s Ministry Imploded?

He will be referred to as "Sadlee" from now on

September 26, 2013 News

Wonkette Reports On Marcus Bachmann’s Telephone Usage

Look, I remembered that I have a log-in at Wonkette! Your Wonkette reporter of homosexuals is very sad to report that Republican presidential candidate and

November 17, 2011 Blog

I Think The Frothy Mix Read My Wonkette Column Yesterday

All day yesterday, I was making fun of Rick Santorum for the stupid metaphors he’s been using in a milquetoast attempt to make anti-gay issues

August 11, 2011 Blog

New Wonkette Piece Up!

I forgot to blurb this here yesterday, but if you’re a newer reader, you may not know that I occasionally, when I remember that I

August 11, 2011 Blog

‘God-Fearing Gay-Curing iPhone App Destroyed By Homosexual Radicals’

Hi, everybody! So, if you are new here, you may not know that your Director of Social Media also writes at Wonkette sometimes! Well, he

March 23, 2011 Blog

Wonkette’s Liz Glover Talks to WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart on Teen Bullying

Nice.  Thanks be to Liz Glover, who caught up with Washington Post reporter Jonathan Capehart at a benefit for The Trevor Project!

October 14, 2010 Blog

Today’s Been Kinda Obnoxious, Hasn’t It?

So let’s watch a video of Sarah Palin praising Todd’s junk, brought to us, of course, by Sara Benincasa

September 21, 2010 Blog

New Wonkette Column: Wherein Cindy Jacobs Repents for Lesbians and Saves Craigslist!

Here’s the first graf, and then you’ll want to read the whole thing! Your Wonkette reporter of The Homosexuals is back bearing good news, or

September 14, 2010 Blog

It’s Not the Words, People: It’s The Intent

I frequently have a certain conversation with people, over what words are acceptable and what words are not, as regards the LGBT community. My contention

September 13, 2010 Blog
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