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My Goodbye To You: ‘Rape Expert’ Steve King Explains Circumstances Under Which Rape Victims Can Get Pregnant

Is that harsh? Republicans have been spending the last few days explaining to us how and when ladies, with their lady parts, can get pregnant

August 22, 2012 Blog

What Part Of “Gay Rights Are The Same Fight As Women’s Rights” Do You Not Understand?

So, a writer at the Examiner has this weird piece up about LPAC, the new super PAC formed by influential and respected lesbians. Dude. Does.

July 12, 2012 Blog

Michele Bachmann Suddenly Pro-Choice?

It would appear that way from what she said on Meet The Press yesterday: “What we want is women to be able to make their own

April 16, 2012 Blog

“Traditional Marriage” Not So Good For Women

Zack Ford has a piece up today, reporting on a study that’s been done on “traditional marriage,” i.e. the kind which is not only one man

April 03, 2012 Blog

Archbishop of Canterbury: LGBT Rights Risk “Fragmenting” Society

Retiring Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams told an audience of Welsh teenagers yesterday that fixating on pesky things like, say, LGBT rights, women’s rights, and

March 28, 2012 Blog

War On Sandra Fluke’s Body Is Now War On Transgender Rights, Somehow

I’m sure you all are by now annoyed and familiar with the story of Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown student who has been attacked over the

March 06, 2012 Blog

Why We Write About the Park 51 Mosque, Dr. Laura, Etc.

Newer and older readers might sometimes wonder why the writers at Truth Wins Out occasionally veer, seemingly, way off the beaten path of gay rights

August 20, 2010 Blog
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