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Start Your Day Off With Some Comic Relief With Crazy Lady Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson isn’t funny. But the fact that she thinks she is makes her a permanent punchline — even as she doesn’t know it and

September 12, 2012 Blog

Victoria Jackson Declares Apocalypse Nigh

Oh, dear, well, if Victoria Jackson is saying it, I’m sure she’s really thought it through and all her facts check out, because she’s nothing

July 23, 2012 Blog

Victoria Jackson Has An Internet Show Now

Fourteen minutes of train-wreck right here. She kicks off with a song about how everybody hates people from the suburbs, but everybody loves lesbians. I

July 03, 2012 Blog

The Most Intelligent Argument Our Opponents Have Against Marriage Equality

Former actress/comedienne Victoria Jackson, speaking at CPAC: “I’m here to save America from communism. The people of California voted that they did not believe that

February 16, 2012 Blog

Low Information Bigot Women Discuss Issues of the Day

Including failed actress/comedienne Victoria Jackson! [h/t Jeremy] Also, no, Victoria, you ding-a-ling, Snopes is not owned by George Soros. UPDATE: Ugh, I’m having to update

November 15, 2011 Blog

Failed Comedienne Makes Friends With “Ex-Gay” Couple On Radio

Um, so I missed this yesterday, and I’m mostly inclined to let it pass, but here’s Victoria Jackson, who is apparently on the radio now,

August 24, 2011 Blog

Victoria Jackson Continues To Make Words

If you have missed all of the wonderment that has been former SNL cast member Victoria Jackson over the past few days, please catch up,

March 26, 2011 Blog

Victoria Jackson Has Opinions On ‘The Little Mermaid’ Too!

Heh, this girl is pretty good. [h/t Jeremy

March 24, 2011 Blog

Victoria Jackson Is The Best Religious Right Spokeswoman Ever

We had fun this morning with Victoria Jackson’s latest column, where she admirably typed words in what appears to be the English language, about how

March 22, 2011 Blog

Failed Actress/Comedienne Has Opinion On Gays

Amidst an anti-Muslim tirade of word salad convoluted enough to make a Palin bow down in awe and say, “Mommy?,” failed actress and even more

March 22, 2011 Blog
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