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Vatican Polling Parishes On Marriage Equality, Other Social Issues

More evidence that Pope Francis wants to lead a church that doesn't drive people away in hordes

November 01, 2013 News

Bel Ami Porn Star Turned Priest and Living At The Vatican?

The Internet is percolating with a rumor: Trevor Yates, the Bel Ami adult movie star known for his, umm, ample blessings, is now a priest

August 29, 2012 Blog

Happy Birthday, Sr. Jeannine Gramick

Today is the 70th birthday of a woman who, in my opinion, is one of the great heroes of the LGBT civil rights movement: Sister

August 08, 2012 Blog

Vatican Creates International Incident Just to Let Us All Know They Hate Gays

No, you’re not reading a headline from the Onion. According to multiple sources, the Vatican has rejected the Bulgarian ambassador, Kiril Marichkov, leaving the post

August 07, 2012 Blog

American Nuns Don’t Hate Gays or Women Loudly Enough, Vatican Complains

The Vatican has a message for American nuns, and it’s basically, “you ladies are out of line.” Seriously: The Vatican has launched a crackdown on

April 20, 2012 Blog

Surprisingly, Catholic Pedophile Investigator Is Pedophile

I guess the Vatican figured they’d pick somebody who really knew the subject matter. I’d quote from the article itself, but the bullet headline and

November 14, 2011 Blog

TWO’s John Becker to Meet With Equality-Minded Catholics at Call to Action Conference

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: John Becker, Director of Communications and Development Phone: 920-265-6023 Email: Activist Who Exposed Marcus Bachmann’s Clinic for Practicing ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy

October 27, 2011 Blog, News, Press Release

Hippies Caused Catholic Priest Child Sexual Abuse Problem, Says Catholic Church

Really?  Hippie-punching?  Does the Vatican think this is going to work? A five-year study commissioned by the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops to provide a definitive

May 18, 2011 Blog

Wacky Wisconsin Judge Spreads Anti-Gay Propaganda from the Bench

Disturbing news out of my home state of Wisconsin: Yesterday in the central Wisconsin town of Waupaca, 71-year-old former bus driver Delton Gorges was sentenced

May 10, 2011 Blog, News, Press Release

Vatican Says People Who Hate Gays Are Victims Too

It’s refreshing when major extremist Christian leaders wear their professional victim status on their sleeves, or in this case, their elaborate frocks: VATICAN CITY (RNS)

March 24, 2011 Blog
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