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Values Voter Summit 2012

Gay Marriage Foes at Values Voter Summit Divorced From Reality

(Weekly Column) Anti-gay activists have never lost a referendum on marriage equality (32-0), but that might be about to change. (Well, they did lose once

September 18, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Rick Santorum Says Smart People Will Never Be On His Side — We Agree

Frothy Mix fulminated against Obama at the Values Voter Summit today in Washington, DC. He accused the president — you know the one who whacked

September 15, 2012 Blog

Teabagging God Jim DeMint Invokes Chick-fil-A, Values Crowd Goes Wild

Anti-gay activists are very careful with their speech these days and now rely on code words that everyone understands. The first phrase is “traditional marriage.”

September 14, 2012 Blog

Values Voter Summit Presents Potential Pitfalls For Mitt Romney

The Values Voter Summit is in full swing tomorrow. I will be at the event in Washington, DC. This ill-timed conference puts Mitt Romney’s campaign

September 14, 2012 Blog
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